What FREEDOM means to you?

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Life, Inspiration, Challenges, Choices

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5  basic principles that help me to achieve FREEDOM

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There is a lot to say about freedom. There are tons of poems and songs about it too. But … What does FREEDOM really mean?

I think it can mean different things to different people along the  different stages of our lives:

  • When I was a kid it was when my mom would allow me to eat by myself even if I made a mess. That was freedom.
  • Later on, having permission to come back home with no carefew gave me great sense of freedom as well!
  • When I drove my parents car to go places with friends I was feeling very free.

The problem started when I wanted to do things I couldn’t afford or my parents wouldn’t agree with. Soon enough I learnt that  freedom was attached to VALUES and MONEY!

Very early, at the age of seventeen, I realized that I had to generate my own resources to have the real freedom I needed to live the life of my dreams. The goal was so clear and powerful that nothing stopped me since. No job was small enough or hard enough if it would generate any kind of income. I discovered that the real fuel to all my adventures were 5 key basic principles :

  1. Have a crystal clear GOAL There is ALWAYS a way! Nothing distracted me because I knew I wanted so badly to be free. If I would try one way and wouldn’t work, I would try many different ways until I would find the way to get me there.
  2. Every job is an OPPORTUNITY I never knew who I was going to meet being a server, cleaning a house or ironing! I learnt skill that were key for other jobs that came up later. Watching different bosses taught me good and bad management practices .
  3.  Freedom comes with a PRICE ATTACHED. The price can be emotional, social or financial. Can be your time or your priorities. It can mean compromising, negociating or even giving up. But you need to decide if you can live with it, in order to achieve your ultimate goal: to be FREE. It might come with criticisms, jealousy or being singled out. Be ready to pay the price!
  4. BE HUNGRY to achieve your goal The goal needs to be strong enough and powerful enough to make you continue your journey on the hardest days and the toughest conditions. Because there will be lots of those! You need to prefer suffering rather staying dependant!
  5. DEFINE freedom to your own standards. Because we are all different, our definitions will be different. Don’t get caught up on others standards of freedom. I don’t need a bigger car or a luxurious home. In my eyes that makes me more of a slave!  I might need to work more hours to pay more bills and spend more time of my day in things that are not memorable. I am free if I can go for a walk and take care of myself or have coffee with my daughter rather than take care of a bigger house.

I don’t deny that financial freedom is very important. But it doesn’t guarantee anything! I’ve met lots of wealthy people in my lifetime that they are enslaved to their husband or their lifestyles.

My personal definition of freedom is to be able to choose my priorities every day of my life. Basically to do what I want when I want with who I want. What is yours? I would love to hear your opinion! By sharing we are learning to understand each other better!


 Thank you, and if you liked it, please share it with a friend!


Mariana Konsolos


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