The playgorund

Qué es el playground emprendedor?

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El PLAYGROUND EMPRENDEDOR es una comunidad virtual.

El OBJETIVO es apoyar a los emprendedores a superar los desafíos que se les presenten en su emprendimiento.

LA HERRAMIENTA que utilizaremos primordialmente será la SABÍDURIA COLECTIVA.

EL JUEGO será utilizado como recurso para recuperar la CREATIVIDAD, SORPRESA y AGILIDAD, habilidades imprescindibles en la vida del emprendedor


Te invito a llenar el siguiente cuestionario para luego coordinar un café/té virtual.



I wish the footprint I would leave in you would be the one of a woman who lived life with intention, intensity and integrity. A woman who said YES despite fear, rejection or obstacles, who lived an Uncomfortable Lifestyle because uncomfortable made her feel alive, creative and took her to new heights. Someone who came to terms with not being conventional and some people not understanding either accepting her. It was the price she was willingly ready to pay to live on her own terms. 

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Find everything from within!

Find everything from within!

This pandemic brought us time to find everything from within! I mean within ourselves, our homes, our families, our communities and countries.

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Mariana continues to support immigrants, new entrepreneurs and the general public through her workshops and speaking events. She was nominated for several awards (Alberta Woman Entrepreneur, Woman of Distinction, Latino Woman Entrepreneur Award) throughout the years and has inspired people around the world, from all walks of life.

“My dream is to continue to inspire women to live their best life staying loyal and true to their values”

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