I have yet to meet anyone like Mariana whose passion for life makes everyone who comes in her space inspired and made to feel important.  I met Mariana 5 years ago when I had retired from my former career at one of her many events I had attended where she gave of her time and self to help women look and feel amazing with scarfs and accessories. Her encouragement fueled my determination to continue what I was doing and know that I had not yet expired.   Her determination, courage and never quit attitude gives everyone who comes in contact with her that they too can make a difference.  Thank You Mariana for your powerful example and positive difference to countless of lives.

Gloria Boyne

I am always amazed about your story. And when I was driving with Iris you should have heard her talking about you to her daughter. You are an inspiration to every women, new immigrant and in general. The workshops were always fun and very informative.

Sivan Noy 

Tu eres inspiradora ! Caminar y charlar contigo es maravilloso! Y la magia de los pañuelos fue encantadora! Besos y abrazos te mando😘

Monica Pucurull

“When I heard Mariana do her keynote speech, I was mesmerized. OMG is the only way to describe Mariana’s speech. She tells the most incredible stories with passion that make you laugh and see life in a whole new way. What some people think is impossible, Mariana shows you how easy it is. She is a must have speaker!” –

Kelly Falardeau, Motivational Speaker/Best-Selling Author

the workshops were open to everyone respecting diversity. Mariana was open, inviting,  funny and gave each one of the feeling of belonging. very humanistic and genuine in her approach.Mariana is such a great networker and a fabulous people’s person.

Helly Goez

Dear Mariana,You have a wonderful sense of fashion and style, which, in combination with your very warm, compassionate personality makes each one feel like they are your most important person. It is more than just fashion to you. It is life-changing through the loving way you make each person feel and look beautiful.  You changed my life for the better.

Love from Colette xx

I have listened to Mariana’s story may times and attended many scarf demos, how to travel with one suitcase, fashion shows, accessorize, fashion tips, she is a beautiful person creative inspiring full of positive energy, I would definitely attend her workshops she is adventurous as she discovers the beauty of BC

Marlene Mahon

I am a living testimony of the humble beginning of Princess Florence. We started to go to hospitals with one table to display our products and go to house parties (which sometimes we are lost out ways going home). One van was not enough, then a truck came to a rescue. Mariana’s passion for fashion, enthusiasm, and her willingness to help other people and her determination and willingness to learn everyday from every people she encounters are only few of those traits why people love her.

Alicia Almaden

Marianna’s story of how and most importantly why she came to Canada and started her scarf business is so heartwarming and authentic. A love story that will touch your heart. As she ties the scarves she talks about the ties with people and the importance of friendships.

Dianna Bowes – Founder of Fabulous@50

Every time I’ve heard Mariana talk I have come away feeling inspired . She has a wonderful combination of energy and heart.

Tema Frank Founder of Frankreactions.com

The thing I love about hearing your story is that you are spreading a message that says love is what life is all about. Love isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. Love, after all, is everything.
I love the scarf demonstrations because now I can tie a scarf so I don’t look like I am trying to dress for winter – I can look fab in the summer too!
xox Pam  Robertson

Mariana Konsolos has inspired me from the first moment I met her!  Her tenacity and perseverance are paramount!  I have attended many of her very diverse workshops with much enthusiasm and excitement.  “What am I going to learn today?” She has also done “Lunch & Learn” sessions for my staff that were very well received.  I miss having her in my own backyard.  With love…

Jacqueline Carroll

When I heard your story, I was proud of you for all you have accomplished. Also, my daughter Cherie was very impressed with your story & it was very inspiring for her as she had left a bad marriage. I hope that the people of Victoria, will be receptive to your story. It’s a wonderful story. I wish you the best & keep me posted.
Big hug.

Antoinette ❤️❤️😍😍

I met Mariana long time ago a friend of mime was attending her parties and workshops and invited me several times, but they were far away from my home. One evening I decided to go and since them I became part of Mariana’s Fan Club, and I drove long distances to attend her events, because her friendly and outgoing nature is very uplifting her workshops are inspirational, dynamic, and fun. She is such a loving and caring person, that to know her is to love her. I am in the process of becoming an entrepreneur transitioning from the public service to have my own business. Mariana has been coaching me, supporting me unconditionally, and sharing with me her talents and wisdom. Thank your Mariana for your invaluable lessons, tips, tools, and of course your kindness.

Ninfa Castellanos
Founder Making Connections Body, Mind and Spirit, Edmonton, Alberta

I have been lucky to hear Mariana speak, and to follow her adventures online over the last few years, inspiring me and many others by sharing her life and dreams. Her caring, warm and open heart is evident in everything she does, both personally and professionally. She captivates you with her stories of life as an immigrant, entrepreneur, and world traveller. After hearing her speak, you are energized and motivated to do more for yourself and the world.

Jo-Anne Fischer Cassidy
Principal, Cassidy Communications