Say YES,Ask Questions Later!


A few years ago I went to Barcelona to fulfill my longtime dream of writing a book, meeting other authors and getting a taste for the writer’s life.

I fell in love with the lifestyle, the late nights by the Ramblas and the food. I was blessed to find Esmeralda, Catalan author, who provided guidance and inspiration.

During those days, I wrote with avidity. My life moments were flying with ease from my heart onto the paper, and are now in your hands.

I truly hope you find inspiration in these pages to live YOUR best life.

– Mariana 🌻


Is this book relevant to me?

“It’s the perfect book for (a) entrepreneurs (including aspiring ones), (b) women, and (c) anyone (male or female) who’s ever wondered if they are doing the right things with their life. Mariana’s journey has been an emotional roller coaster, and in the process she’s brought so much fun and inspiration to others. This book is largely about her personal and entrepreneurial journey, with a great real-life romance thrown in” –Tema Frank

Who is the author?

A successful young businesswoman from Uruguay, Mariana made personal sacrifices and took a huge risk in coming to Canada to marry a man she’d met online (long before online dating was a thing). She did whatever work she could get with “no Canadian experience” and minimal English skills. Before long, she’d spotted a new market opportunity and began growing a highly successful business. With numerous other trials along the path to a free and fulfilling life, the book is a must read.

What could I learn from this book?

You would learn much about risk-taking, entrepreneurship, overcoming obstacles, and decision making. Even if entrepreneurship isn’t your thing, her tumultuous love and life story will grab you.

What Are People Saying?

Did you purchase the book?

This book is a brutiful story (both brutal and beautiful). It will inspire you and make you realize anything is possible, just follow your heart and start by saying Yes.

I couldn’t put this book down…just one more chapter and before I knew it I was done. It was as if Mariana was sitting next to me telling me her story. There is a genuine warmth to her and you will fall in love with her and the people that showed up in her life. When most of us would have given up, Mariana persevered. She said yes and wow what came next…

Say yes, ask questions later is an interesting concept. Some may say this could lead to unchartered territory and it absolutely could but if you don’t take risks how will you ever know. Just writing this review is something fear would have kept me from doing but this time I said yes.

Mariana pulls on your heartstrings from the very start. This book is hard to put down. She shares her personal transformation journey that all began because she chose to say YES to herself. May we all develop the courage and strength to say YES to our opportunities.

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