Mariana Konsolos was born the youngest of two children to a middle class family of entrepreneurs in Montevideo, Uruguay and is a descendant of Jewish Polish immigrants who escaped during World War II.

As an adult, she was fascinated by Architecture and pursued it as a course of study in Uruguay for two years, before deciding to emigrate to Israel in order to continue her studies at the Technion for a year.

Upon her return to Uruguay, she felt a different calling and made the decision to quit university to work as an employee for a Real Estate company in Punta del Este (also known as “the Hamptons of South America”).

Around the same time, she married her first husband and gave birth to the love of her life: her only child, Florencia. Unfortunately, her daughter was just ten months old when she and her first husband divorced.

As she was quickly learning the trade, she was able to open her own company just two years into the business. For 13 years, it achieved phenomenal success due in large part to her dedication to consistently adding additional value by offering extra services like property management, construction and decoration services.

Success, however, is so much better when you have someone to share it with. Mariana learned exactly that in the year 2000, when she met her current husband, Eli Konsolos, online. He was living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, so she left her business in Uruguay to her parents (who continue to operate it to this day) and moved to Canada to be with him.

Once in Canada, however, Mariana struggled to adapt. With help from her entrepreneurial spirit, she was able to eventually start a successful company of fashion accessories. She sold that business in 2015 and was able to retire comfortably.

In her retirement, she journeyed to Barcelona, Spain, to write a book of her memoirs: Say YES, Ask questions later: Opening YOUR life to opportunities.

You may check it out and buy it on Amazon.

Mariana continues to support immigrants, new entrepreneurs, seniors and the general public through her scarf workshops and public speaking events.

She was nominated for several awards throughout the years (Alberta Woman Entrepreneur, Woman of Distinction, Latino Woman Entrepreneur Award) and has inspired thousands of women from different cultures and all walks of life, all around the world.

Her dream is to continue empowering women to live FREE while remaining true to themselves and loyal to their values.

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