I am ADDICTED! Would you like to join me?

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Would you like to join me?

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15 September 2017

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A sense of peace and fullness has settled in my heart this afternoon. I’m wondering what the right word would be to describe the undefined feeling of fulfillment inside of me after helping a stranger? To give just for the sake of giving. No rewards expected or paybacks asked.

It is simply a smile I see in another and the relief I sense in a person’s heart after they feel seen, heard and acknowledged that makes me ask myself, Am I addicted to goodness?

It’s hard to explain, to understand, even to believe. Some days it doesn’t even make sense! It is simply a way of living. It has become my lifestyle.  

People seem fearful and suspicious. They ask themselves, Why? What is she doing this for? Do I need to pay? How am going to return the favor? Can I do a trade? I have had these questions time and again.  Yet I offer no answers.This kind of behavior for many is unknown, unheard of and basically odd. They call it STRANGE… a powerful word that takes me back to my playground years.

I had so much fun helping Gaby, the daughter of Delfin, the doorman of our building! I will never forget the water fights while cleaning the windows of the lobby; they were the best!

I was called “STRANGE” because the cute little girl with fancy blue polka dot pants and perfectly braided blonde hair, was expected to be enjoying tea-parties with her classmates.  

I was the same one who sneaked cookies for years to share with my friend Pedro, the beggar on the corner of my fancy school, who would make me laugh by telling me stories like no one else could. I was STRANGE because I befriended them, I loved them, I had fun with them, I heard their stories and shared my privileged kid’s lessons and stories with them.

At this point in time, I intentionally and actively choose to be “STRANGE” every day of my life. I do it because I am a lover and a dreamer, and lovers and dreamers are strange in the eyes of a society that was taught to pay or trade, not to simply give. A society that up to date teaches us to be cautious rather than curious.

I dare you to experience giving without expecting a thing in return. Feel the unique pleasure of peace and fulfillment that only GIVING could bring to your soul. GIVE your time, your knowledge, your kindness, your compassion. JUST GIVE! Lead by caring, doing, smiling and helping a new person every day.

“Don’t be surprised to notice that the day everybody will GIVE unconditionally will be the same day everybody will RECEIVE endlessly.”


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