Footprints left in me by people I met throughout life.

Who would have known each person we met left a footprint in our lives? Almost 40 years ago I was dating my very first boyfriend. Today I received a picture from one of his sisters where I am posing with three of them. It made me laugh recalling how big and mature I felt back then. I was fifteen years young and I was only one more kid among them!

The picture took me straight on a trip into the past and the many fond memories I have from those years; the family dinners, the open conversations, the passion for politics, the first kiss and beautiful summer days by the beach. It made me think of the importance of each piece of history I experienced throughout life and how each interaction impacted and determined the person I am today.  

“Each person I met throughout life left a footprint in my heart. Until today, I wasn’t fully aware of how this collection of footprints impacted so deeply in the person I became.” 

Footprints I am intending to leave in people I am meeting throughout life

Which made me wonder and ask myself some deep questions. Which footprints am I leaving in people’s lives I am meeting? Am I speaking to them in a responsible way and in alignment with my core values? Do I step into new places with a clear intention of bringing goodness and a firm belief I can leave that place better than it was before I came in?

My honest answer is YES. I am trying my best while acknowledging I am not perfect. Just another simple human who has good and bad days as everybody else. I might say things with good intentions but not in the best ways which makes me feel sorry for what my mistakes may cause to others. Can you believe me if I tell you that I am paying attention, learning and trying to constantly improve? Mariana is simply a work in progress with lots of doubts and a few regrets. 

Freedom is the sail of my ship and the ocean is my university. I have the privilege to wake up every morning feeling the wind in my face, choosing the direction I take my ship and welcoming the people who are ready to join me on this amazing journey.

Footprints I hope I am leaving in the world!

Therefore, if Covid hit me or for some odd reason I don’t wake up tomorrow, I wish the footprint I left in you would be the one of a woman who lived life with intention, intensity and integrity. A woman who said YES despite fear, rejection or obstacles, who lived an Uncomfortable Lifestyle because uncomfortable made her feel alive, creative and took her to new heights. Someone who came to terms with not being conventional and some people not understanding either accepting her. It was the price she was willingly ready to pay to live on her own terms. 




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