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I created my 2021 visual Story. Now what?

Lots of us had created our vision boards or 2021 Vision story. Then the question arises. Now what? What do I do with it? What nobody tells you that in addition to dream big and envision the future you want, there is some work to do. Don't sit and wait for things to happen miraculously […]

Create your VISUAL STORY for 2021

You are invited to an FREE adult playdate! When was the last time you cut and paste with girlfriends? Why not create the STORY you want for 2021? At the end of the day, it's all about the stories we tell ourselves, right? Let's embrace wonder and creativity to start this year with an open […]

Last reflection of 2020

Last Reflection for 2020 I invite you to step into the new year with a simple reflection What do you want for 2021: happiness or success? Happiness is not linear and includes good, bad, ups and downs. Happiness is not equal to success. Being successful doesn't guaranty a happy life. Enter 2021 with an attitude […]

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