Should I stay or should I go out during Covid?

Should I stay or should I go out during Covid?

I need to admit, I didn’t leave much of my house since COVID hit. Why? I am not sure. Maybe because last year I was too much in hospitals and I couldn’t even imagine going back there. Maybe because my inner voice is telling me that. I believe the information on COVID is evolving as time pass. This is all new and what was true three months ago is not true today.


The preparations started; mask, gloves, Lysol wipes, a jacket in the case was cold and an umbrella in the case it rains. I left my apartment praying not to encounter a neighbour at the elevator or that the elevator won’t stop on any floor and I might need to kindly say to someone I don’t feel comfortable sharing the ride with them.


While I was walking to the grocery store, a memory of the joy I use to experience smelling the flowers and the crisp air came to mind. I realized that I couldn’t enjoy any of that now and to top it up the mask was making me sweat even more than I already do due to my “personal summers”. I cannot feel the textures of the fruits and veggies through the rubber gloves, and the Lysol wipe makes my skin dry. Furthermore! The look of the vibrant street from yesteryears is gone. Lots of empty stores and some you could sense trying to survive. COVID brought devastation and uncertainty.

So I asked myself: “Should I stay home or should I go out during COVID?¬† I am afraid and I am sad to see what is going on. On the other side of the coin, I am aware of the Cave syndrome: fear of social interaction. I don’t want to develop that! Can you imagine me, the social butterfly afraid of social interaction?


I am trying to find my new normal and right balance. It’s time to redefine what works for me and sits right in my heart. I am surrendering to the new reality and detaching myself from what was right for me three months ago. We are evolving as individuals and as a society. I need to admit that I am enjoying my company and getting to know very nice things about myself.

I believe it is an important time to ask ourselves questions like this one to reorganize our priorities and redefine our believes: “Should I stay home or should I go out during COVID?” The world had changed, so do we!

Don’t allow anybody to define what’s right for you. There are no recipes, no certainties in the medical field to tell us what to do. Trust your instinct and follow your heart. We are equipped with the tools to decide.

Say YES.



Say YES when uncertainty is at YOUR door

Say YES when uncertainty is at YOUR door

Hola Amigos!

2019 was very¬†“interesting”¬†for our family. After years of saying YES when uncertainty was knocking at the door, my daughter Flor has a diagnose; Ehlers¬†Danlos Syndrome a rare disease affecting the collagen of the body. Day-hip-surgery¬†resulted¬†in¬†three months on a wheelchair and a second surgery. Meanwhile, while resting in Vancouver,¬†I had¬†an emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. The following month, we thought the storm was over.¬†I had meningitis and Ontario shipped me like a package back to BC.¬†¬†

Following my own advise, Say YES when uncertainty is at the door, we started 2020 on a positive note.

After a warm winter in South America, Eli and I landed in Vancouver on February 28. The Coronavirus crisis was starting. A week after I decide to isolate myself as a precaution.¬†I gave myself permission to have a “pity party” for a couple of days. My colourful friend Joanne, kicked me in the butt to get me going.¬†

I took the manuscript of my book from years back to edit, added more stories and boom. Thank you Pam for helping me with your endless patience. Today I am thrilled to announce I finally have completed my book. I will be launching it on May 1st with horns and whistles. In fact, one more time I said YES when uncertainty was knocking at my door.

Please join me to follow along on Facebook for all the latest updates and exciting announcements in the coming weeks. I am  launching a VIP Book club. Secondly, I will be sharing lots of the behind the scenes info.  Pre-order my book prior to May 1st and receive exclusive access to the VIP book club!

Thank you for so many years together and hope to keep enjoying many more to come!

Cheers, Salud!
Mariana Konsolos

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Welcome to Uruguay

Welcome to Uruguay


Welcome to Uruguay

Less wealth, more creativity


Traveling to my dear Uruguay from Canada is not an easy journey. There are no straight flights and more than two connections are always required.This time I flew from Ottawa via Boston-Panama City to Montevideo. I should consider myself lucky because my total trip was only 18 hours. Sometimes it takes up to 30 hours.

Connecting flight times were very brief. In Boston, I had 90 minutes to change terminals, then go through security again. The second stop in Panama was even more brief: 50 minutes that I passed, running across an airport packed with people, trying to make it to my gate. Needless to say, I was sweaty and stressed by the time I heard the last call. But I made it! After a final  long 7 hours, I landed in Montevideo Рvery tired. It was midnight yet my brother and my best friend Tammy were waiting for me. I felt loved and happy because of their welcome!

I slept over at Tammy’s home. Just like old times, we stayed up chatting until 3:30 am. She is one of those friends that time and distance are never a barrier in our 45-year friendship. Everything had gone smoothly after I left Ottawa. I honestly was quite amazed because usually ¬†something goes wrong: either a delay or canceled flight, or something happens on the plane.

But my luck didn‚Äôt last long. I woke up the next morning and went to pick up my car at my parents’ home where it had been parked during my time in Canada. As was expected, the battery was dead but that wasn‚Äôt all. The car was parked with the driver‚Äôs door so close to the wall that no one could access it to get in. I also learned that this brand of cars has only one lock and that was on the driver‚Äôs side. What was I to do?

Edward has been the doorman of my parent’s building for over 40 years. He didn’t finish high school but he is a creative and resourceful man. I called him for help. He stood for a while observing the car, trying to come up with a solution. First he tried to get through the car door with a wire and fish for the lock, but he couldn’t. So he climbed onto the top of the car. Lying on his tummy, he reached the other window that was slightly open so was able to fish for the lock and opened it. We were celebrating his achievement when we realized that it didn’t solve the problem as the other door still was closed.

I was ready to call the AMA and pay whatever amount was necessary to solve the problem. He was sweating. I was watching the time nervously as I needed to pick up Eli my husband at the airport in a few hours. Edward came up with another idea! He got a thicker wire and made a hook at the end. After some Sweaty minutes his patience and precision paid off. The door was opened. I could have never come up with such a solution!

What made him capable to create a repertoire of solutions one after another?  I think that’s what happens with people who cannot afford hire others to solve problems. They sharpen their creativity and resolve the difficulty the best way possible. Now,we had an unlocked car but no live battery. He phoned AMA and asked for a boost. Seeing I was stressed, he sent me for coffee. By the time I was back, the car was running and ready to go. I felt blessed and relieved.

He helped load my luggage and I departed for the airport. I decide to stop to fill some gas as it was early. A young lady came to help me and asked me to turn off the engine. I explained that I was afraid to get stuck again without battery. She told me not to worry as they could give me a boost if needed. I turned off the car and that was it. My car wouldn’t ¬†start again.

The gas attendants tried to boost my car with different cables, different cars, but nothing worked. They even offered to change the battery. I agreed out of desperation but they didn’t have the type I needed in stock.  

By that time Eli had already arrived but I couldn’t pick him up because I couldn’t start my car. I was very close to the airport but couldn’t make it. I was so frustrated. The gas attendants tried without luck to find a taxi. They felt bad and guilty! They were trying to help me in every possible way but nothing worked.I called AMA again; I also called my cousin asking her to pick up Eli and bring him to the gas station. I couldn‚Äôt do anything else: ¬†I just sat and waited.

The reunion with Eli after a month of traveling separately wasn’t what I would call romantic. It happened at a gas station while the AMA was boosting the battery of my car. However, ¬†I thought to myself: what the heck, we are together recharging our personal batteries and the problem is about to be resolved. I was right. After 10 minutes, the car started. Also, ¬†Eli and I had an opportunity to visit with my cousin and we were ready to go on with our day.

We drove out of town where my parents had been waiting for more than  an hour but  I was afraid to turn off the car. By the time we arrived home, it was late afternoon. Sitting on the balcony while watching a beautiful sunset, I reflected upon my day. It was certainly stressful because nothing went as planned. But I was very thankful for the kindness of the people who bent over backward trying to help me solve every problem I encountered throughout the day.

People’s kindness and willingness to help others is one of the qualities about Uruguayan culture that I most appreciate and love. People who have few financial resources become extremely creative. Solutions to problems are improvised whenever nothing goes as planned. Everything is spontaneous and relaxed. It’s a very warm and helpful culture. Very simple and very neat!


¬ŅQui√©n no salt√≥ las olas?

¬ŅQui√©n no salt√≥ las olas?

Aquellos que vivimos junto mar sabemos el placer de un chapuzón


Nada más lindo que darse un chapuzón en el mar en los días  calurosos de verano.

Pero uno de mis mejores recuerdos, eran los viernes de tardecita, cuando llegábamos de Montevideo acalorados y muertos de  cansancio a Punta. Entonces parábamos en la Mansa y nos  tirábamos al agua calentita para darnos un chapuzón apurado   antes que el sol se ocultase para no morirnos de frío.

No nos queríamos ir! Otra cosa que nos encantaba, era cuando íbamos a pasar el día entero a la playa Brava.

Los mayores se instalaban bajo la sombrilla con una heladerita llena de comida y los chicos corríamos al agua a saltar las olas.

-√Čsta por arriba, gritaba Marcelo. Y todos nos sambull√≠amos por debajo de la ola – Ahora por abajo, gritaba yo. Y de repente, sin avisar, ven√≠a una ola gigante y nos revolcaba por la arena hasta la orilla.

Nos levantábamos rápidamente y mientras nos sacábamos los   pelos de los ojos,corriamos nuevamente para atrapar a la   siguiente ola antes que reventara en nuestras caras.

Y la fiesta se completaba cuando entraba mi pap√°. √Čl se iba cada vez m√°s hondo y nosotros lo persegu√≠amos. No ten√≠amos miedo de nada porque √©l nos proteg√≠a.

Mi papá ya no entra al agua con nosotros, de todas maneras yo  sigo saltando las olas cada vez que vuelvo a Punta del Este.

Y¬†no¬†hay¬†sorpresa¬†m√°s¬†linda¬†que¬†escuchar¬†un¬†pap√°¬†con¬†sus¬†hijos¬† ¬†recre√°ndo¬†la¬†misma¬†escena¬†que¬†a√Īos¬†atr√°s¬†era¬†nuestra.


He recorrido infinidad de playas en el mundo. Hay playas más lindas, con arenas más finas, con aguas más   cálidas que las de Punta del Este.

Pero las playas de Punta del Este son mías porque estan llenas de recuerdos, besos al amanecer, atardeceres con clericó y jornadas de juntar berberechos.

Estoy segura que es también parte de muchas otras personas que al igual que nosotros las saboreamos desde la infancia con aguasvivas, mejillones y saltando las olas.

Punta del Este es mi casa, mi refugio y mi lugar en el mundo. ¬°Me voy Punta… pero siempre vuelvo!

Los veranos de Punta del Este en los ’80

Los veranos de Punta del Este en los ’80

Punta del Este – Veranos – Playa

Los Veranos de Punta

Recuerdos de los 80!


26  Setiembre 2017

Cierro los¬†ojos¬†y los recuerdos fluyen…

√Čramos adolescentes¬†y √©ramos libres!¬†Todos los a√Īos esper√°bamos¬†ansiosos¬†las vacaciones de verano, En aquella √©poca no sab√≠amos cuan privilegiados √©ramos de poder ir tres meses al balneario elegido por los pol√≠ticos y la far√°ndula Argentina. Ten√≠amos a nuestros amigos, tambi√©n argentinos , a los que esper√°bamos ansiosos cada verano! Cuando llegaba la primer quincena de verano √©ramos una barrita de unos 20 chicos. Juntos √≠bamos a la playa de Papa Charlie donde jug√°bamos al voley, camin√°bamos y charl√°bamos por horas. A la noche √≠bamos a bailar a Swan, a comer chivitos a la Fragata o tortas a King Sao.

No había Uber, y a nadie le preocupaba porque íbamos a todas partes a dedo. Es que era tan divertido! Ademas formaba parte del programa diario. Y tenía sus ventajas porque de esta manera muchas veces conocíamos chicos nuevos que nos invitaban a salir y la barra se seguía agrandando. Hoy lo pienso y me doy cuenta de que éramos tan sanos, tan ingenuos y estaba tan bueno!

Los días de lluvia jugábamos cartas, o organizabámos mejilloneadas. Otras tardes íbamos a andar a caballo o en bicicleta. Cuántas veces nos pasamos el día pescando y después limpiando pescados por horas para comerlos a la noche todos juntos. Era un festín!

Sin darnos cuenta estábamos inmersos en la naturaleza, en el mar y en la arena. El sol era la fiesta del fin del día. Todos los del grupo nos quedábamos en la playa guitarreando y esperando a los grandiosos atardeceres. No había relojes, ni apuro para llegar a ninguna parte. ¡Estábamos presentes!

Me acuerdo una noche en Gorlero, donde nos encontr√°bamos todos en los Flippers – as√≠ le decian los porte√Īos a las maquinitas – y¬†a mi hermano y a mi¬†se nos ocurri√≥ la brillante idea de invitar a todo el mundo a una fiesta en la pileta de mi casa. Por supuesto que mis padres no estaban y la idea era no dejar entrar a nadie a la casa para que no dejar rastros y que mis padres ni se enteren. ¬†¬°Fue una fiesta para el recuerdo!

Pero √©ramos adolescentes y a las pocas horas los chicos empezaron a tener hambre. Marce y yo trajimos comida de la cocina. Nos vaciaron la heladera! La noche era tan c√°lida que nos quedamos todos dormidos en el jard√≠n en las reposeras.¬†A las 8 de la ma√Īana aparecieron mis padres y se encontraron con el jard√≠n lleno de j√≥venes durmiendo! No los recuerdo enojados, ni recuerdo vecinos quej√°ndose, ni penitencias severas.

Hoy comprendo que no hab√≠a verdaderos motivos para enojarse. No √©ramos m√°s que un grupo de chicos, jugando a ser rebeldes, disfrutando del verano y la amistad. √Čramos realmente MUY SANOS!

PD:¬†Aunque parezca mentira, 35 a√Īos m√°s tarde conservo amistad con muchos de los chicos del grupo!

I am ADDICTED! Would you like to join me?

I am ADDICTED! Would you like to join me?


Would you like to join me?


15 September 2017

A sense of peace and fullness has settled in my heart this afternoon. I’m wondering what the right word would be to describe the undefined feeling of fulfillment inside of me after helping a stranger? To give just for the sake of giving. No rewards expected or paybacks asked.

It is simply a smile I see in another and the relief I sense in a person’s heart after they feel seen, heard and acknowledged that makes me ask myself, Am I addicted to goodness?

It’s hard to explain, to understand, even to believe. Some days it doesn’t even make sense! It is simply a way of living. It has become my lifestyle. ¬†

People seem fearful and suspicious. They ask themselves, Why? What is she doing this for? Do I need to pay? How am going to return the favor? Can I do a trade? I have had these questions time and again. ¬†Yet I offer no answers.This kind of behavior for many is unknown, unheard of and basically odd. They call it STRANGE… a powerful word that takes me back to my playground years.

I had so much fun helping Gaby, the daughter of Delfin, the doorman of our building! I will never forget the water fights while cleaning the windows of the lobby; they were the best!

I was called ‚ÄúSTRANGE‚ÄĚ because the cute little girl with fancy blue polka dot pants and perfectly braided blonde hair, was expected to be enjoying tea-parties with her classmates. ¬†

I was the same one who sneaked cookies for years to share with my friend Pedro, the beggar on the corner of my fancy school, who would make me laugh by telling me stories like no one else could. I was STRANGE because I befriended them, I loved them, I had fun with them, I heard their stories and shared my privileged kid’s lessons and stories with them.

At this point in time, I intentionally and actively choose to be ‚ÄúSTRANGE‚ÄĚ every day of my life. I do it because I am a lover and a dreamer, and lovers and dreamers are strange in the eyes of a society that was taught to pay or trade, not to simply give. A society that up to date teaches us to be cautious rather than curious.

I dare you to experience giving without expecting a thing in return. Feel the unique pleasure of peace and fulfillment that only GIVING could bring to your soul. GIVE your time, your knowledge, your kindness, your compassion. JUST GIVE! Lead by caring, doing, smiling and helping a new person every day.

‚ÄúDon’t be surprised to notice that the day everybody will GIVE unconditionally will be the same day everybody will RECEIVE endlessly.‚ÄĚ


Do what no one else will do to be able to have what no one else have.

Do what no one else will do to be able to have what no one else have.


If you do what no one else will do, you will be able to have what no one else have.


June 15, 2017


 As many of you know, I sold my Fashion Accessories company two years ago. It was a very hard decision for me as I was finally feeling the sense of belonging I craved for 15 years since I immigrated to Edmonton from Uruguay.

But life happens and opportunities arise at unexpected times… I trusted my inner voice and sold it to embark on new adventures. I finally had the time to become the mom my daughter was desperately needing, the daughter my parents were dreaming for years and the wife my husband met before the business existed. We gave ourselves two sabbatical years to experience different cities in the world to decide where we would like to settle. In the meantime my creative energy kept flowing so I needed to create new ways to share my wisdom wherever I was in the world.

-In October 2015, my husband and I opened a Bed and Breakfast in Uruguay. It was an amazing experience meeting people from around the world but we didn’t enjoy the work involved so by the end of the season we closed it.

-We moved to Barcelona for a few months where I wrote my memoirs that will be published in October 2017 in Uruguay by Editorial Planeta.

-I started coaching entrepreneurs from Uruguay and Canada online like Beatriz Hagobian an incredible and talented accountant specialized in the area of hotels.

-I volunteered my time with a Seniors Home in Uruguay , braiding bread and sharing my travels in Turkey and Canada. I absolutely loved it and I will do it again!

-Presented motivational stories to ladies in Kelowna, Montevideo and Punta del Este.

-The Magic of Scarves Workshop was delivered to ladies in Montevideo, Punta del Este, Barcelona, Kelowna, and Ottawa with great success.

-Went for walks and coffees with dozens of ladies I met on my travels learning their stories and their experiences. Coaching them and getting coached by them.

I really cannot complain. At the end of these two years we decided to spend the winters in South America (where is summer) and summers in Europe or Canada.

This spring we are touring British Columbia to pick a city to make it home in Canada. By the way I take the opportunity to invite you to follow my FACEBOOK so you can join our travels through pictures of the incredible sites we are discovering along our journey. So for the month of May we picked Kelowna and it was a fun experience! The nature is beautiful there with the lakes and wineries and the wines are even better! We had the opportunity to meet very nice people and reconnected with old friends.

I want to share with you a special story that happened there. I went to Babes in Business a vibrant group of entrepreneurs. The first time I was there I met Tania Gustafson, a happy and bubbly lady. She was very welcoming and we connected right away. She is a nutritionist and Fitness Coach and also runs a MLM business (Jeunesse Global) with great success. Very smart and intuitive, truly passionate and committed to help others. But I felt it was more to discover underneath the lady with the stunning skin and bubbly personality. The day before we left Kelowna, we invited all the new and old friends to a ‚ÄúGoodbye party‚ÄĚ to share Eli‚Äôs cooking talents. She came and not suprise to me she was the first one to arrive. (attitude shows every step of the way!) We were enjoying chatting about life experiences, and business and suddenly she said: ‚ÄúIf you do what no one else will do, you will be able to have what no one else have‚ÄĚ I never heard that sentence before. and I am not sure if it‚Äôs a known quote or Tania‚Äôs own interpretation of life experiences. But it hit me hard right in my guts. Because I think it summarize the life story of each and every immigrant in earth. That is the real and only secret of immigrants success. My grandparents did it when they landed in Uruguay from Poland and now Eli and I did it in Canada. We worked our butts off ( sorry for my English but I couldn’t find a better expression closest to reality), we did things nobody wanted to do! We took jobs that were hard¬†and not well paid. We worked TEN YEARS restless without complains. We were thankful to have jobs. We took risks and sacrificed family time. We did the best we could with the knowledge we had at that time. We did paid a price in many ways no doubt about it, and we sure would have done things different if we have known the outcome. But at that time we were very focus working to be able to offer our girls the best education possible according to their own preferences. We wanted to live a balanced life, to help others and enjoy nature while traveling. In TEN YEARS, we saved and invested every single penny we made in that little business we created in order to have today that life we wanted; It‚Äôs not a life of luxuries because it‚Äôs not our style. But it is a very colorful life, with lots of family time, delicious healthy food, tons of hikes in the wilderness, incredible travels around the world and opportunities to meet extraordinary people wherever the wind might take us.

At this point you might be thinking: – but you took so many risks! What if you wouldn’t succeed? What if you would have died during the journey? What if one of the girls would have taken a bad turn? There are million of possible ‚Äúifs‚ÄĚ. Everything could had happened. That is the real truth. But I am at peace with myself because I follow the intuitive internal GPS I¬†was born with: my guts. I made choices. I took chances. I made mistakes. I had successes. Isn‚Äôt that what everybody does every day in every corner of this immense world?

So at the end of the day isn‚Äôt it all about the choice we make about on which basket we put our eggs?‚Ķ Even those who don‚Äôt choose are making a choice, aren‚Äôt they?! If you are wondering how to have the life you want I would suggest to ask yourself if you are ready to put “ALL the meat on the barbacue”, to work every day harder than the day before and make sacrifices for the next years. Are you really willing to do what no one else will do to have the life you really want to have?1



What FREEDOM means to you?

What FREEDOM means to you?

Life, Inspiration, Challenges, Choices

What FREEDOM means to you?

5  basic principles that help me to achieve FREEDOM

16 May 2017

There is a lot to say about freedom. There are tons of poems and songs about it too. But … What does FREEDOM really mean?

I think it can mean different things to different people along the  different stages of our lives:

  • When I was a kid it was when my mom would allow me to eat by myself even if I made a mess. That was freedom.
  • Later on, having permission to come back home with no carefew gave me great sense of freedom as well!
  • When I drove my parents car to go places with friends I was feeling very free.

The problem started when I wanted to do things I couldn’t afford or my parents wouldn’t agree with. Soon enough I learnt that  freedom was attached to VALUES and MONEY!

Very early, at the age of seventeen, I realized that I had to generate my own resources to have the real freedom I needed to live the life of my dreams. The goal was so clear and powerful that nothing stopped me since. No job was small enough or hard enough if it would generate any kind of income. I discovered that the real fuel to all my adventures were 5 key basic principles :

  1. Have a crystal clear GOAL There is ALWAYS a way! Nothing distracted me because I knew I wanted so badly to be free. If I would try one way and wouldn’t work, I would try many different ways until I would find the way to get me there.
  2. Every job is an OPPORTUNITY I never knew who I was going to meet being a server, cleaning a house or ironing! I learnt skill that were key for other jobs that came up later. Watching different bosses taught me good and bad management practices .
  3.  Freedom comes with a PRICE ATTACHED. The price can be emotional, social or financial. Can be your time or your priorities. It can mean compromising, negociating or even giving up. But you need to decide if you can live with it, in order to achieve your ultimate goal: to be FREE. It might come with criticisms, jealousy or being singled out. Be ready to pay the price!
  4. BE HUNGRY to achieve your goal The goal needs to be strong enough and powerful enough to make you continue your journey on the hardest days and the toughest conditions. Because there will be lots of those! You need to prefer suffering rather staying dependant!
  5. DEFINE freedom to your own standards. Because we are all different, our definitions will be different. Don’t get caught up on others standards of freedom. I don’t need a bigger car or a luxurious home. In my eyes that makes me more of a slave!  I might need to work more hours to pay more bills and spend more time of my day in things that are not memorable. I am free if I can go for a walk and take care of myself or have coffee with my daughter rather than take care of a bigger house.

I don’t deny that financial freedom is very important. But it doesn’t guarantee anything! I’ve met lots of wealthy people in my lifetime that they are enslaved to their husband or their lifestyles.

My personal definition of freedom is to be able to choose my priorities every day of my life. Basically to do what I want when I want with who I want. What is yours? I would love to hear your opinion! By sharing we are learning to understand each other better!


 Thank you, and if you liked it, please share it with a friend!


Mariana Konsolos


Los grandes hombres tambien caen

Los grandes hombres tambien caen

life experiences

Los grandes hombres tambien caen

Homenaje a Aldo Wysokikamien


6 April 2017

Ellos también son parte del círculo de la vida. Hombres líderes, fuertes, controvertidos y pasionales. Hombres estructura, fundación y sustento. Ellos también se debilitan con el tiempo y el peso de la vida. Hombres nido, árbol ,fruto. Hombres río, cielo y fuego. Ellos también se secan y se apagan con el paso de los años. Porque a todos los hombres les llega el momento de irse. Y un día se van… con el viento de la vida se van… Pero en estos hombres hay algo mágico y diferente. Estos grandes hombres dejan huellas profundas detrás de sí. Dejan hijos, mujeres, nietos, colaboradores, anónimos y curiosos. Dejan nuevos caminos abiertos, marcan hitos, cambian la historia. Dejan recuerdos imborrables, historias y leyendas. Dejan al mundo mejor de lo que lo encontraron a pesar de las críticas, a pesar de las decisiones que solo ellos saben porque tomaron. Hombre pasional, líder y decidido: muchos sentirán tu falta desde hoy.
Pero como dijo Borges, “Morirás solamente el día que muera el último que te recuerde”

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