Welcome to Uruguay

What made him capable to create a repertoire of solutions one after another? I think that’s what happens with people who cannot afford hire others to solve problems. They sharpen their creativity and resolve the difficulty the best way possible.

¿Quién no saltó las olas?

Uno de mis mejores recuerdos, eran los viernes de tardecita, cuando llegábamos de Montevideo acalorados y muertos de cansancio a Punta. Entonces parábamos en la Mansa y nos tirábamos al agua calentita para darnos un chapuzón apurado antes que el sol se ocultase para no morirnos de frío.

Los veranos de Punta en los 80

Sin darnos cuenta estábamos inmersos en la naturaleza, en el mar y en la arena. El sol era la fiesta del fin del día. Todos los del grupo nos quedábamos en la playa guitarreando y esperando a los grandiosos atardeceres. No había relojes, ni apuro para llegar a ninguna parte. ¡Estábamos presentes!

Do what no one else will do to be able to have what no one else have.

“If you do what no one else will do, you will be able to have what no one else have” I never heard that sentence before. and I am not sure if it’s a known quote or Tania’s own interpretation of life experiences. But it hit me hard right in my guts. Because I think it summarize the life story of each and every immigrant in earth. That is the real and only secret of immigrants success.

What FREEDOM means to you?

There is a lot to say about freedom. There are tons of poems and songs about it too. But … What does FREEDOM really mean?
I think it can mean different things to different people along the different stages of our lives:
When I was a kid it was when my mom would allow me to eat by myself even if I made a mess. That was freedom.
Later on, having permission to come back home with no carefew gave me great sense of freedom as well!
When I drove my parents car to go places with friends I was feeling very free.
The problem started when I wanted to do things I couldn’t afford or my parents wouldn’t agree with. Soon enough I learnt that freedom was attached to VALUES and MONEY!

Los grandes hombres tambien caen

Ellos también son parte del círculo de la vida. Hombres líderes, fuertes, controvertidos y pasionales.Hombres estructura, fundación y sustento. Ellos también se debilitan con el tiempo y el peso de la vida. Hombres nido, árbol ,fruto. Hombres río, cielo y fuego.

GIVING BACK is a Gift to Our Souls

I made my first Jalá at the age seventeen, when I lived with a group of friends in a kibbutz, a socialist community that today no longer exists in Israel. I think of it today and I was just a girl!

There, I worked tending children with Edna, an Iranian lady who had hands of gold and a giant heart.

8 Tips to Retire at 50

I never had problems making money. I was creative, hardworking and trustworthy. I began a career in Real Estate at the age of 20. It only took a few years and I was already ahead of the game. I was making more money than any of my friends who had University degrees. They had no experience and tons of debt.

But I had other problems: I had no clue how to budget, manage or invest my money.