Adventure makes me Tick and Talk. Not TikTok!

What makes you tick these days?  Adventure makes me Tick and talk

The nice days have finally shown up! I feel an itch for new adventures. Suddenly I long for the spontaneity of the days we would say: » Let’s go somewhere for a couple of days» and half an hour later we would pack and off we be on our merry way. The thrill to discover something new and exciting makes me tick. Adventure makes me Tick and Talk. No TikTok!

By «talk» I mean sharing what I see, learn and taste on my journeys, and bringing my unusual experiences to the table (or couch) of many people around the world. It’s fun for me and exciting for them. Win-win. The way I love to live life!

I am not going to sit at home and watch TikTok! It’s time to find new things that make me tick and talk! Despite my hubby not feeling like travelling, I decided to plan a road trip by myself and call it my private retreat/ashram. My adrenaline started to flow and my brain goes like this: Where to stay? Maybe camping? Airbnb is risky nowadays with COVID… How about renting an RV?

Then these thoughts led me to my friend Brigitte. «She has lived in her Volkswagen Van for more than three years. An RV is even the next level» my thoughts were going wild! No need to use stranger’s bathrooms, showers or linens, all while being able to be in nature, changing locations and landscapes as I wish. I loved the idea! Now I was really ticking!!!

Joanna loves adventure!

Every Wednesday for the past month I have worked with Joanna, my colourful German friend. Last week, as soon as she walked through the door, I knew it! She would be the one; the perfect partner for my upcoming adventures. As I was pondering with excitement over the plans, concerns and vision for this trip, Joanna looked at me with fascination. YES was written all over her face!

So the quest for information on the RV lifestyle began! It’s exciting and thrilling to realize the many new lessons that are going to start coming our way. The following Sunday we were on our way to Delta to check some. I need to admit that as soon as I was in front of one of those beasts I felt intimidated. Self-doubt soon araised. Am I going to be able to drive this monster?

Despite the fact that the Rv we saw was filthy and the lady who showed us didn’t have any kind of willingness to make our experience pleasant, we got excited the moment we set foot inside the monster. My imagination started to unleash and could see us working in nature, meeting new people and discovering new places.

That night, I went to bed with the tingly sensation of being alive again! For some reason, I imagined some friends who would be negatively triggered by the unknown of the adventure immediately feeling fear and anxiety. Totally contrary to what was happening to me; awakening feelings of hope, purpose and curiosity.

I fell asleep wondering why are we all so different? Why the same experience triggers different feelings and emotions in each one of us?

In spite of having lots of questions these days, I have a few certainties. What I know for sure is that adventure makes me Tick and Talk. No TickTok. No TikTok! One more time, fasten your seat belts and get ready to join our ride! I can assure you it will be entertaining, as dull moments are not part of Joanna’s and myself colorful lives!

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