A Fundraising Event

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A Fundraising Event

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Getting out of the comfort zone is one of the biggest strengths an entrepreneur should have.

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27 March 2017

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Getting out of the comfort zone is one of the biggest strengths an entrepreneur should have.

Tonight was one of THOSE nights for me. It was certainly a challenge.

The Browns, a lovely family that I met through Debbie (the mom), decided to host a soccer meeting and try to fundraise money for the team by gathering at our new store.

Debbie showed up with her two beautiful young girls and her kind husband.

In 15 minutes, they had everything organized: the food, the drinks and suddenly she mentioned something about having activities for the girls.

«Girls!?» I asked, startled.

I should admit that I was in shock when Debbie said that they were expecting 15 girls and their parents!

How could we possible host over 45 people at the same time at our store AND entertain them?

What could I do to keep such a diverse crowd occupied?

Well, the meeting went on and I decided to take a break to have some dinner and think.

I finished my dinner and when I came downstairs, to my amusement, there was a group of 15 beautiful girls sitting on the floor in the backroom of the store, participating in some fun activity lead by one of Debbie’s girls!

They asked me to teach them to count up to ten in Spanish, so I showed them how. It was so cool and really helped me relax.

I started to go upstairs when I heard Debbie introduce me. OMG!

When I saw the crowd, I realized that I was going to do my presentation in front of men and women for the first time!

I was going to need to use some creativity to adapt and improvise my presentation!!

And guess what?? I DID IT!!

To my own surprise, the ideas just flew out of me!

I added some humorous touches, such as when I demonstrated my scarves, I asked the men not to take the «choking part» as an idea to actually apply it.

Also, when I showed the super versatile shawl, I ended my presentation by saying,  «If you are super good to your wife by buying her everything she wants, she will be instructed to use this beautiful shawl as a nighty for you tonight!»

Everybody thought that it was hilarious! And I even heard some ladies saying: «I should take her home with me.»

The energy after that was AMAZING!!

Everybody was excited, shopping and having fun! The girls had a blast! I got some new fans out there for sure! And we sold way more than expected!

Lisa, one of the soccer moms, is going to be starting part time with us, and I got an offer to be featured at CTV by Michelle, another soccer mom!

I am home, relaxing with a cup of tea, and happy with this fulfilling experience!

Challenges won’t stop me!
Fear can’t paralyze me!
Creativity will be always be the answer.
Courage will be my partner forever.

Good night world!
Let’s see what tomorrow will bring us!



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