Execution is 99% of the game

1% is about ideas. Execution is 99% of the game.

Many times we hear people coming up with brilliant ideas. Somehow it seems they don’t understand that execution is 99% of the game.

Ideas vs Execution

I laugh when I hear somebody lowering their voice when sharing an idea. They truly believe to own the idea and they are fearful the rest of the world is waiting to snap it from them. 

On the other side of the spectrum are the skeptics. No idea is good enough to ever succeed. I remember the time I was about to start my fashion accessories business and I was surrounded by skeptics. “Everybody sells what you sell.” “What are you offering different than others?” “The malls are full of accessories. Who is going to buy from you?”

Fears and Perspectives when is execution time.

These were the voices of their own fears, their personal perspectives and limited imagination. A reflection on the mirror showing a scarce view of the world. Maybe a competitive attitude and life racing to get first somewhere.  Perhaps to get the approval of someone or add a new badge to their collection. 

They couldn’t see what I could, imagine what I had in mind or understand the lessons I’ve learned. The scars I had from a lifetime of lack of self-esteem are the real testimonies of my learnings. Nobody knew about my long-lasting and close relationship with fashion accessories. They became my lifeguard. They help me to survive the pain of being overweight in a society that praised skinny. 

Execution is 99% of the game

Twenty years ago onwards, since the beginning of the internet era, information has spread globally, making ideas more than ever belonging to the world and not to individuals. After three decades of being actively involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem worldwide, I learned that what really makes ideas turn into  successful ones are more often than not, their leaders and their execution


I always wondered why there are not many leaders with innovative ideas in each century. Why people who see into the future and understand situations in ways no others do not become leaders?. Today I realized that for innovative leaders to pave new roads for humanity they need to possess extreme determination and convictionTheir journey is difficult and challenging. It’s lonely and extensively judged. They face endless obstacles and need to fight against skeptics. The resistance of a community of fearful people stuck in their comfortable lives can be hard to overcome. These people will do anything to prevent innovation. They lose control when their status quo is challenged. 

Twenty-twenty is the year for execution

Our world presents infinite opportunities while at the same time it is more competitive than ever. Leadership, Innovation, Determination, Conviction, and discipline are necessary skills to succeed.

We should remember that at the end of the day Ideas belong to the world and execution is 99% of the game.

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