Mariana Konsolos, born in Montevideo, Uruguay, grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Being surrounded by those who pursued their own passions and lead their own successful businesses sparked and subsequently fueled the entrepreneurial fire deep inside of her. Setting off on her journey with a healthy interest in Architecture, she began studying in Uruguay for two years before emigrating to Israel to further her education at the Technion for a year.

Upon her return to Uruguay, she reached a turning point and gave up her studies in order to work as an employee for a Real Estate company in Punta del Este.

Mariana’s story is one of overcoming obstacles and pursuing happiness. From bouncing back after a failed marriage, raising her daughter as a single parent and opening several companies to uprooting her life in order to move from Uruguay to Canada to be with her true love, Mariana’s story is bound to inspire and captivate.

Retiring in 2015 after successfully selling her accessories company, she journeyed to Barcelona to write a book of her memoirs. With an incredible amount of heart, a healthy dose of soul, and a huge scoop of passion, she is finally about to release her incredible new book to world, which will be published later this year in 2017.

The video below is an incredible introduction to give you a sneak peek into Mariana’s new book.


Mariana continues to inspire immigrants, new entrepreneurs and the general public through her workshops and speaking events. She was nominated for several awards throughout the years and has inspired thousands of people around the world from all walks of life.

Her dream is to continue empowering men and women to live FREE while remaining loyal to their values and true to themselves.

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Welcome to Uruguay

Welcome to Uruguay

What made him capable to create a repertoire of solutions one after another? I think that’s what happens with people who cannot afford hire others to solve problems. They sharpen their creativity and resolve the difficulty the best way possible.

¿Quién no saltó las olas?

¿Quién no saltó las olas?

Uno de mis mejores recuerdos, eran los viernes de tardecita, cuando llegábamos de Montevideo acalorados y muertos de cansancio a Punta. Entonces parábamos en la Mansa y nos tirábamos al agua calentita para darnos un chapuzón apurado antes que el sol se ocultase para no morirnos de frío.



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