While overcoming obstacles and pursuing happiness, Mariana’s story is bound to inspire and captivate you.

Her new book has an incredible amount of heart, a healthy dose of soul, and a huge scoop of passion.

Mariana grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Being surrounded by people who pursued their own passions and lead their own successful businesses sparked –and subsequently fueled– the entrepreneurial fire deep inside of her. Get to know her.

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Find everything from within!

Find everything from within!

This pandemic brought us time to find everything from within! I mean within ourselves, our homes, our families, our communities and countries.

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Mariana continues to support immigrants, new entrepreneurs and the general public through her workshops and speaking events. She was nominated for several awards (Alberta Woman Entrepreneur, Woman of Distinction, Latino Woman Entrepreneur Award) throughout the years and has inspired people around the world, from all walks of life.

“My dream is to continue empowering women and men to live FREE, while remaining loyal to their values and true to themselves.”

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